Time Travel

Rationalising The Universe

What do we want?! Time Travel! When do we want it?! It’s irrelevant. 

Time, by far my favourite abstract notion to think about whilst also the one that can easily cause the most damage to one’s sense of reality if over-dwelled on. This post will cover thoughts on our perception of time and then move on to consider sci-fi’s ever favourite tool, time travel; the common misconceptions, problems and theoretical consistent possibilities.

As human beings our perception of the passage of time is fixed, it is an ever forward-flowing river from which we can never escape. Einstein’s general relativity teaches us that time is a dimension, as are the three of space, however although we are able to freely traverse the spatial dimensions (we can go up/down, backwards/forwards, left/right) we cannot exercise such control in time. We are confined to travel ever ‘forward’ through this dimension. From our limited human perception we…

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The Universe

Words From A Borderline

As I wake up and live my life

I always wonder what I could miss

One decision made differently…what could this change

Could another connection be found…just by turning my car around

As I venture through the dayare events random or is the universe pushing us this way

Pushing us in a direction we are meant to follow

Toward a path we are meant to walk

If this is true why do I feel so hollow

Why do I feel so alone

I hope I make the right choices…I hope I make the right mistakes

I want my path to lead me to my heart and my home

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